Custom area rugs


Custom rugs

Let’s face it - if a rug is too gaudy, garish, or simply deemed overly grandiose, it can honestly detract from the entirety of allure & appeal that a given room has to offer. Moreover, the rug that is featured in a preferred room, foyer, or seating area can often be the avenue of heavy/consistent foot traffic and will thus require a stunning, yet sturdy, material to comprise its weave design & manufacturing. Matching a centerpiece rug to a room’s latent ambiance can often be a tricky task for many homeowners here in Arizona which is why we’ve invested so heavily into bridging the gap between custom rug options and the burgeoning demand of local residents.

We have years of experience with design, conception, color accentuation, and industry knowledge regarding gold-standard material composition preferences for custom rugs. Furthermore, due to our decades of contributions in not only the local flooring industry or custom rug industry but the home improvement industry as a whole here in Arizona, we’ve had the great fortune to cultivate many gratuitous, long-lasting relationships with clients, fellow businesses, vendors, & suppliers alike.

Benefits of a custom rug

As many will attest to, having a custom rug that is completely specified to a particular can really serve as the unifying piece of the room in more ways than one. Often it’s not solely about how large, lavish, or luxurious a custom rug is but how it ties the other elements of the room together in a tasteful, yet memorable way.

  1. Adds a tasteful decor when properly matched with surrounding aesthetics.

  2. Affords a reliable, yet often indiscernible way to preserve a flooring system underneath.

  3. Promotes optical contrast & lighting exploitation to lend to the ‘spatiality’ of a room.

  4. Showcases featured elements of a room through visual ambiance via subtle nuance.

Please get in touch with our knowledgeable staff if you have any additional questions regarding custom rugs options, ordering, or ideas!



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